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The Benefits of a Staycation | Burton Constable Holiday Park

Will Staycations will be the saving grace of 2021?

The global pandemic has moved the way we see risk. From essential trips at the supermarket, new working methods, to home schooling and keeping fit in the kitchen, we have had to adapt everything we do. Even taking time off has become a challenge – where can we go and what can we do, without risk of losing our booking or our money?

We take a look at the alternative holiday trending during these unprecedented times: the staycation. From glamping and camping to UK holiday home ownership, the staycation may just be the answer.

The benefits of a staycation and why they’ll become more important than ever

So, the great debate, staycation vs vacation, UK vs abroad which one should you choose?

A staycation is a holiday in your home country rather than travelling abroad and in COVID-19 times, the staycation is becoming the new trend and we can see why.

1.      It causes less stress and anxiety

Research suggests that anxiety in travelling abroad can bring more mental stress than the benefits of the holiday itself.

Holidays give us time and freedom to relax, get outside, melt away petty worries, reset goals, and pamper ourselves. The link between downtime and improved mental health is well-researched. Vitamin D and melatonin from time spent outdoors, along with healthy lifestyles, contribute to improved behaviour, concentration, wellbeing and happiness.

2.      The impact of Brexit

Bookings for UK domestic holidays have steadily risen since Brexit (8.7 million British holidays booked to European destinations in 2016, falling to 5.6 million in 2019) as holiday-makers worry about how breaks abroad would be affected.

With the Brexit deal done, will we need new passports, permits and visas for even short hops? We’re asking ourselves whether the travel time to the airport, long flight delays, and cancellations are all worth it.

3.      It’s kinder on the environment

Not to mention what are we doing to our planet when we fly, and how will this affect our family’s future – as Greta Thunberg rallies the new generation, and Sir David Attenborough announces he will seriously reduce his flying miles. This November, Britain is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, which may see increased penalties for carbon emissions from air travel.

4.      The restrictions caused from COVID-19

The global pandemic has meant that UK citizens are being advised to avoid all but essential travel, and air corridors are being opened and closed at short notice.

5.      To enjoy some family time

After families and friends have spent so long apart from each other, making memories is even more valuable to us now. We all need something to look forward to. Why risk booking to go abroad when we have a safe, beautiful offer right here on our doorstep?

What to look for when booking a staycation?

People are definitely more wary, not just about whether we should travel abroad or not. This year-long uncertainty means every decision should be informed, researched, and assured. If we want an affordable and spontaneous holiday, we need to know it is:

When considering your next UK break, make sure it answers these questions:

  • Is it Covid-secure?
  • Is the place you’re staying at ‘Good to Go’ certified, best in class?
  • Is the booking flexible? Are you able to reschedule and/or cancel without cost?

Studies produced by the BH&HPA (British Homes and Holiday Parks Association) have found a strong and rising demand for domestic holidays among seasoned customers and completely new groups, both for camping and glamping (short and medium breaks), and for longer term investment in second homes (static caravans and lodges). The priorities are local travel, flexibility of bookings, freedom to choose when to holiday and for how long, spontaneity, but above all safety and Covid-compliance.

Why choose a holiday at Burton Constable Holiday Park?

We have a wide range of offering from camping and glamping, caravan rentals for short breaks or more longer-term options to own your own holiday home. We will make sure you’re fully informed so that you can be cautious in your choices, and flexible in your decisions.

Free cancellations

For tent and caravan camping, glamping and rental holidays we offer free cancellations up to 48 hours ahead, transferable bookings (you can change dates at the same rates) or quick refunds

Complete freedom

To holiday whenever you choose during our 50-week season in our rentals or in your own holiday home.

A Covid-safe policy

Our holiday park has secured the ‘Good to Go’ accreditation.

We are providing enhanced cleaning regimes and sanitation, plentiful hand sanitisers, social distancing measures especially in shared spaces (e.g. Reception, Lakeside Bar, Woodland Store Shop, Laundries and Shower/WC facilities), PPE best practices for guests and staff, contactless check-ins and payments

‘Good to Go’ demonstrates our commitment to adhering to the respective Government and public health guidance, and proves that we have carried out a Covid risk assessment and certifies that we have all the required processes in place.

A stress free break

An escape from the uncertainty of travel abroad, the stress of crowds, and the humdrum of routine, to an assured safe and secure haven, for you, your family and your dog(s) too!

Our staff take enormous pride in Park, your holidays and in you, however long your holiday and whatever your needs may be

Plenty to do

Back-to-nature outdoors recreation, walks, woodlands, lakes, big skies and wildlife at your window. We are accredited by Visit England (5-star), the AA (5-pennant), and David Bellamy Conservation Award (Gold). As we emerge from the pandemic, Burton Constable Hall (www.burtonconstable.com) is on the doorstep, or for away-days it’s a short drive to the East Yorkshire Coast, or newly-regenerated Hull and beautiful historic Beverley

We all need something to look forward to in 2021, so we have opened our bookings and appointments which we guarantee to amend as and when the need arises. We are here to help, so please contact enquiries@burtonconstable.co.uk or info@burtonconstable.co.uk or to speak to our Team – Reception on 01964 562508 or Chris in Sales on 07596 326666.