The Best Date for Stargazing Weddings in 2022

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The Best Date for Stargazing Weddings in 2022



Stargazing is a captivating way to experience the natural world.

The background of a starlit sky can be fantastic for a night of camping outdoors with friends, glamping under the stars, or even as an intimate background to an evening party.

If you want to explore stargazing, certain dates will offer the best view of the constellations. Aim to view the stars on a night with a new moon, where the side of the moon illuminated by the sun is facing away from the Earth. This stops reflected sunlight from washing out and hiding the starry night sky.


When should I go stargazing in 2022?

If you’re a lover of the colder months, the weekend date with the longest and darkest night in 2022 is Friday 23rd December.

The night sky will have 0% illumination, which means no part of the moon will reflect sunlight to Earth, allowing the stars to shine through. Stargazers that evening will have the most time in 2022 of any weekend date to view a beautiful starry sky – the night stretches from 5:17pm to 06.41am.

 However, for those looking to host an event against the backdrop of a starry night sky on a warmer evening, spring/summer might help more guests appreciate the starry aesthetic you were hoping to achieve.


The best 2022 dates for a starry wedding

With this in mind, Burton Constable Holiday Park has revealed the best dates for stargazing during the 2022 wedding season for couples choosing their dream date. The Park offers luxury holiday caravans, lodges and glamping , and could be ideal wedding accommodation for your guests if your Big Day is close by.

The team pinpointed Fridays and Saturdays – the most popular days for UK couples to marry* – which are predicted to have the starriest nights in the 2022 wedding season.

The best Saturday for stargazing

If an evening reception with a starry backdrop is your dream wedding aesthetic, Saturday 27th August tops the list. 0% illumination from the moon will allow the stars and constellations to shine through and pepper the sky. With August being one of the UK’s warmest months and a popular time for weddings, this could be the perfect date for a celestial-themed celebration.

The night sets in at quarter past eight, so the date provides plenty of evening to enjoy the night sky.

The top three Saturdays:
  •       27th August (0% illumination)
  •       30th July (1% illumination)
  •       24th September (4% illumination)


The best Friday for stargazing              

The best Friday for stargazing is the 29th July, which is also due to have 0% illumination from the moon.

The top three Fridays:
  •       29th July (0% illumination)
  •       26th August (2% illumination)
  •       1st July (3% illumination)

The best dates for a starry ceremony in each month of the wedding season

If the beautiful UK spring is your favourite time, May, the beginning of the wedding season, will see Saturday the 28th be the month’s best night for stargazing as it has just 6% illumination.

For a June wedding, Friday 3rd will have the starriest skies, with 11% brightness. 

There are several other dates that are ideal for a starry wedding in July and August, but Friday 29th July and Saturday 27th August are expected to have the clearest views.

Couples with their hearts set on an autumn wedding will see the best starlit sky on Saturday 24th September, with just 4% illumination. The night draws in at five past seven, so you can have daytime photos amongst stunning autumn colours and most of the evening set against a starry background.

In October, traditionally the last month of high wedding season, the 28th will have the best stargazing view. There will be many opportunities for spectacular photographs to capture your special day with 8% illumination and with darkness arriving from 6.08pm, you will have plenty of evening to party the night away under a glorious night sky.  

How on trend are you with a celestial celebration?

It appears that astronomy loving couples will be leading the pack when it comes to wedding themes.

Lunar-themed events are predicted to take off in 2022. Pinterest have analysed their search data, and revealed that moon party decorations will see a huge increase in interest (+140%) along with star-themed parties (+140%).

For brides-to-be, lunar wedding dresses are predicted to see a +180% increase in interest this year. And for couples with a lunar theme in mind, bioluminescence aesthetics will see an increase in interest of 80%.

How to plan a celestial celebration

When planning a stargazing wedding, couples should check the predicted view of the night sky and consider the time of year to enjoy the outdoor occasion comfortably. Naturally, selecting a venue in the countryside, near or in a dark sky area, will further improve the visibility of stars.

Jack Straker, Spokesperson for Burton Constable Holiday Park, said: “It’s great to see that celestial weddings are becoming more popular in 2022.

“Stargazing is a fantastic activity for Brits looking to get out into nature, and can provide a stunning backdrop for events.

“A star-filled sky can add a unique element to evening celebrations and could even be combined with celestial decor. With a high quality camera or mobile, you can snap some fantastic photos against a starry background. We pride our Park on being a beautiful spot from which to relax and admire all that nature offers, so it’s nice to see that people are now wishing those elements into their big day too.”

If you’re interested in a celestial theme for your wedding, take a look at lunar calendars, and check the location of venues against a dark sky map.


Do you want to glamp under the stars?

Burton Constable Holiday Park offers a range of glamping pods, which provides the fun of camping but with a touch of luxury. The heated pods are spacious, some with bathroom facilities, or four-poster beds, and all have a TV and electrical sockets. They overlook the park’s tranquil fishing lake and have outside decking with table and chairs, and you can also camp too making it the perfect spot for gazing at the stars.

The Park also offers deluxe holiday homes in the form of timber lodges and caravans, and is set within 200 acres of the magnificent Burton Constable Hall grounds, which offers itss venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

*according to the Office for National Statistics.