Leyland cypress

Chamaecyparis leylandii, or Leyland Cypress, is a fast-growing evergreen prized for its dense, columnar shape and vibrant green foliage, ideal for hedges and landscaping.

The Appearance

A fast-growing evergreen tree with a dense, pyramidal shape. It features soft, feathery foliage that ranges in colour from vibrant green to dark green.


The Produce

The berries are small, spherical cones that adorn the branches of this evergreen conifer. These berries typically range in colour from green to brown.


The Flowers

Produces small cones or seed structures that are inconspicuous.


The Leaves

Its scale-like leaves are soft to the touch and arranged in flattened sprays.


The Bark

A distinctive bark characterised by its reddish-brown to grey-brown colouration and fibrous texture. The bark is thin and peels off in strips or flakes, revealing lighter inner bark beneath.


The Habitat

Thrives in a variety of habitats, primarily across gardens, parks, and landscapes. This conifer is well-suited to moist, well-drained soils and benefits from full sun exposure.


The Ecology

As a fast-growing evergreen tree, it provides vital habitat and nesting sites for birds and small mammals. Its dense foliage offers year-round shelter, contributing to biodiversity.


The Culture

The Leyland Cypress is popular for its ability to create effective windbreaks and noise barriers.


Fun Facts

It is a hybrid between two different genera: Chamaecyparis and Cupressus. This unique combination contributes to its vigour and adaptability in various climates and soil types.

The Connection To Burton Constable

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