We are delighted to declare the new dog run OPEN. It has been a labour of love and we hope you and your four-legged friends enjoy it.

There are some rules and protocols to ensure the care and flourishing of the dog run for BCHP customers (people staying at BCHP – not ramblers, fishermen, dog walkers, people using the bar). One key aim is to prevent non-customers using it – they can use the other dog run we provide at outside the entrance of the Park. We want to be sure that everyone using the dog run has the same values and wants to leave it in a fit condition for everyone to enjoy.

  • From next week, the code to the gate will change at least once per week and will be available from the on-site team or through your email. (The code will eventually be available through the Owners’ Portal)
  • Do not give the code out or allow tailgating. Each person who uses the dog run must have the code; this they will have received after learning the code of conduct for the dog run.
  • Do not leave dog mess in the dog run. Pick it up and dispose in one of the dog waste bins.
  • Do not litter – the dog run should look nice, and should be kept free of anything nasty that canine companions might eat.

It will be a team effort to ensure the long-term enjoyment of the dog run. If you see someone breaking any of these rules, feel free to call them out on this or report them to a member of staff. If the dog run is not used appropriately, it will be closed until a better system is invented e.g. involving opening / closing times.