Jack, as one of the family working at Burton Constable Holiday Park, had the wonderful opportunity to conduct an interview with our delightful new holiday home owners.

Here’s an exclusive glimpse into the experience of owning a holiday home first-hand.

What enticed you to the idea of Holiday Home Ownership?

V: “We had been looking for something for a few years. Initially, we thought about a touring caravan, but we went away to friends with a caravan in Morecombe and decided we preferred a permanent base. Now our oldest are grown up we no longer have school dancing and sports commitments, so we have more free time. We saw the appeal of getting away from day-to-day life.”

S: “We have had lodge for a couple of months, it is exactly what we were looking for. We are both still very busy at work and there is often the temptation to keep working into the evenings and weekends ‒ this eliminates that for us, all by travelling a couple of hours down the motorway.”

V: “There is such peace and solitude here, we felt an immediate connection to the Park.”


Is it an escape just for the two of you, or are you planning to bring the extended family too?

V: “Absolutely it is for sharing. Not every week, mind you – we also want time to ourselves! Our youngest daughter has already been a couple of times, and it is also a great place to spend really good quality time with our parents. The size of the lodge compared to some caravans we saw helps with this; it gives the impression of just that bit more space. This helped us to have that ‘home from home’ feeling.”

Why did you choose Burton Constable Holiday Park?

V: “We were looking for a quiet country retreat close to the coast, with new places to explore in a part of the country we were unfamiliar with.”

S: “A major plus as an initial sight is the driveway and the grounds you have which are so well-kept. It really made the site stand out. We are looking for a base from which to explore – this is 10-15 mins from the coast and in the middle of the countryside.”

V: “We initially looked for a coastal site, but Simon loves his fishing and the countryside and this was perfect in-between.”

how have you found the experience so far?

V: “From our first contact with the Reception team to our first time coming up here, it was so great and we loved it ‒ we felt quite a connection to the Park. I love seeing the Park through the seasons: the Arboretum is gorgeous – I have so enjoyed early-morning walks, the nature is different every day.”

“We would love a ‘guided walks’ section of the website to advise where we can walk or what there is to see. Also, we have had a look into the Walled Garden but would love to see it ‒ can you do more with it?”

JCS: “That is a great idea about the information about walking – let’s get Lee, Harry and Charlee to have a look into that! As for the Walled Garden, you can book an appointment at Reception and have a look around.”

S: “I was disappointed that there is no fishing on the lake for now. If we had realised there was no fishing, we probably would not have come to see the Park – though having been here now I would not prejudice it for this.”

JCS: “Lee is spearheading our plans to improve the Lakes. He is keen for volunteers ‒ would you be keen to take part?”

S: “I can’t promise to be an expert in Lake management but I would be happy to be an extra pair of hands!”