First Impressions

The breathtaking entrance to the Park is an arboretum ‒ a botanical garden devoted to trees. Across generations, with various landscape improvements, the arboretum has become home to unique plant species from around the world, carefully integrated into the tranquillity of East Yorkshire. The charming collection reflects the beauty of nature in this peaceful corner of the world.

- Stephen Bean Associates
- Stephen Bean Associates
- Stephen Bean Associates

The Origins

The Original Planting Plans

At the request of Mr. C, the Arboretum plans were thoughtfully crafted by Stephen Bean Associates in December 2007. The design was based on the development of the ‘formal garden’ in Europe like Versailles, Hampton Court, and the baroque splendours of Het Loo. 

These plans simply divide the Arboretum into rooms and avenues, each mirroring a corresponding space in the Burton Constable Hall—an 18th-century stately home in East Yorkshire. The intention is to create a subtle nod to the historical charm of Burton Constable Hall, integrating it seamlessly into the Arboretum’s natural setting.

Wildlife Conservation

The conservation aspect is also important – the plants, grassland and wildflower meadows have been arranged to encourage and conserve local flora and fauna. We have continued our environmental mission: we are proud winners of the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for the last 11 years. Wandering through the arboretum, our bluebell wood, or many of the other nature paths in the park, you will see that we are home to many different wildlife species. We have bee houses for our friendly bees that help pollinate our plant life, and insect hotels too for other six-legged guests. 

Arboretum Features

Explore deeper into the features of the Arboretum. With rare and wonderful trees sourced from across the globe, the Arboretum is home to many unique plants.

The Rejuvenation Project

2023 marks the starting point of the Rejuvenation Project. Keep up-to-date with the ongoing work.

  • Planting new trees in the Gold Bedroom

Visit the Arboretum

The arboretum welcomes everyone, be it the public, holidaymakers, or our valued owners. Admission is free, with free parking, and it’s enjoyable year-round.

Holidaymakers can explore the arboretum day and night. Caravans and lodges are available for holiday hire across all seasons, making the ever-changing environment available throughout the year.

Holiday home owners can relish in the beauty of the arboretum right outside of their doorstep.

Friends of the Arboretum

Meet the people working to maintain the environment.

The Grounds Team

Lee, Head of Grounds, exudes both passion and energy for wildlife conservation. Lee plays a pivotal role in the rejuvenation project, and everyone at BCHP is looking forward to the future with excitement.


Answering our most frequently asked questions regarding The Arboretum.

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