30 acres dedicated to wildlife conservation. Home to over 200 rare and wonderful trees, plants and shrubs. Anyone and everyone is welcome to explore The Arboretum.

First Impressions

The breathtaking entrance to the Park is an arboretum ‒ a botanical garden devoted to trees. Across generations, with various landscape improvements, the arboretum has become home to unique plant species from around the world, carefully integrated into the tranquillity of East Yorkshire. The charming collection reflects the beauty of nature in this peaceful corner of the world.

What is an Arboretum?

An arboretum is a curated and systematically organized collection of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. They are generally cultivated for educational, scientific, and conservation purposes.

These living collections serve as valuable resources for studying plant diversity, ecological relationships, and horticultural practices, providing a tranquil and informative environment for visitors to explore and learn about the rich tapestry of the plant kingdom.

The Origins

At the request of Mr. C, the arboretum plans were thoughtfully crafted by Stephen Bean Associates in December 2007. The design was based on the development of the ‘formal garden’ in Europe like Versailles, Hampton Court, and the baroque splendours of Het Loo. 

These plans simply divide the arboretum into rooms and avenues, each mirroring a corresponding space in the Burton Constable Hall—an 18th-century stately home in East Yorkshire. The intention is to create a subtle nod to the historical charm of Burton Constable Hall, integrating it seamlessly into the arboretum’s natural setting.

As a key component of the 2023 rejuvenation initiative, the original plans underwent digitization. The creation of an online interactive map stands as a testament to this endeavour, meticulously documenting every tree from the initial planting plan of the arboretum, each tree laden with its own unique story waiting to be discovered.

This digital repository not only breathes life into the historical blueprints but also invites enthusiasts and curious minds to embark on a virtual journey, delving into the intricate narratives woven into the roots of each tree.

The conservation aspect is also important – the plants, grassland and wildflower meadows have been arranged to encourage and conserve local flora and fauna. We have continued our environmental mission: we are proud winners of the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for the last 11 years.

You can read more about our ‘Blooming Marvelous Pledge for Nature’ and what it means for the Park below.

As of 2023, the Burton Constable Holiday Park has made a significant investment in the enhancement of its parklands, notably the arboretum, intending to unlock the full potential of the arboretum. This comprehensive project entails the strategic planting of a diverse array of new trees, carefully selected to enrich the botanical diversity and aesthetic appeal of the arboretum.

Additionally, substantial efforts have been dedicated to the creation of educational materials, transforming the arboretum into a hub for scientific exploration and learning. This ensures that the arboretum becomes a dynamic and engaging space for visitors to delve into the wonders of nature through a lens of education and discovery.

Explore all of the plants, shrubs and trees that feature within the arboretum at Burton Constable Holiday Park. You can find all of these features by using the interactive map. Otherwise, you can read further details about them here.

Learn more about nature and wildlife using these free guides and worksheets.

The Arboretum

Burton Constable Holiday Park

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