With a plethora of new trees being added to the Arboretum, these freshly planted trees must have the support they need to thrive. With the abundance of wildlife within the conservation area of the Arboretum, many animals have a habit of damaging trees before they are given a chance to flourish.

Local and Family Owned

This is where our friends from Rainbow Professional swoop in to save the day. Rainbow Professional is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors catering to forestry, horticulture, landscape, and amenity markets. Just like Burton Constable Holiday Park, Rainbow Professional is a local family-owned business operating in East Yorkshire.

Why Rainbow?

The standout feature of Rainbow Professional is the commitment to eco-friendly products. The industry standard from tree guards and defenders generally isn’t very eco-friendly, as the cheap materials that can support plant life are not biodegradable. Many have attempted to create biodegradable alternatives, however many do not provide the strength and lifespan required to get a tree the start it needs. Rainbow Professional have cracked the secret to effective and eco-friendly tree protection!

Tree guards explained

Join Jack, a trustee of the holiday park, in having a conversation with Pierre, the director of Rainbow Professional. Find out why we are partnering with Rainbow and how we are helping conserve the environment at the holiday park.