The KCOM Project – Phase 1

How a local internet service provider is bringing Burton Constable Holiday Park the fastest and most reliable network any UK holiday park has seen!

Keeping it Local

KCOM places a high value on community and proudly declares that they are ‘bigger than broadband’. Every step of the KCOM Project at the Park will involve local businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire. Providing the necessary materials to build an unflappably fast and reliable network.

The KCOM team are local to the Hull area and some have also been part of the rejuvenation project, volunteering to assist in clearing the lilies from the North fishing lake.

Everyone involved in this project is excited to see investments in local people. KCOM believe that everyone should be able to stay connected and that is why KCOM has been working to bring superfast and reliable internet access to every corner of East Yorkshire. Maintaining condensed and tidy work sites to avoid disruption.

Full Fibre to The Door

What makes KCOM’s offering stand out is the full-fibre network, provided to the door. That means your internet access is direct to your property alone and isn’t shared with surrounding properties. For the Park, this means any holiday home at Burton Constable Holiday Park can benefit from up to 900 MB download speeds, uninterrupted*.

Keeping it clean

The first phase of the KCOM project involves mapping out and planning the underground network to link up over 400 pitches to the network. This is achieved with over 8,000 meters of ducting tunnelling between the units. The work has been planned to take place during the quieter weeks for the park. Operating in condensed sites to reduce any disruption the work may cause.

There are many benefits to building a network this way. We love the fact that an underground network keeps the scenic park free of cables and poles. KCOM has meticulously planned a network which stays out of sight and maintains the natural setting of the park.