The first steps

The lake rejuvenation project commences with the north lake, involving the cutting of lilies down to their root. This method ensures a slower regrowth, providing the lake with the best chance of thriving without the lilies returning. To prevent reproduction, the buds are removed once they have grown. The process involves the use of a special machine attached to a boat for cutting the lilies and another for scooping them out of the lake.

A helping hand

The process extends over several days with dedicated workers putting in tireless efforts. The boat plays a crucial role in transferring the majority of the cut lilies from the lake to the land. The volunteers can then prepare the cut-offs for the JCB to transfer to the overspill location. After the boat and JCB had completed as much clearing as possible, our volunteers took over, working by hand to ensure a thorough removal of the remaining lilies.

What does this mean for fishing

Removing the lilies is a necessary step in restoring the sport of fishing at Burton Constable Holiday Park. This phase of the rejuvenation project is a massive step in achieving that goal. The rejuvenation forecasts many more steps to improve the quality of the fishing lakes over an extended time. For now, local anglers in East Yorkshire can expect to be welcomed to the lakes very soon.