The second phase of planting

After starting the arboretum rejuvenation process in the Gold Bedroom, the second phase of planting took place in the Blue Room. The grounds team had the task of selecting suitable replacements for trees that were either unavailable or unsuitable for the environment. Some trees, like the Lawsons Cypress and Buddleja, were still available but the Persian lilacs have been replaced with California lilacs.

Protecting the trees

Mike, a member of the grounds team, chats with us and explains how certain aspects of planting young trees need careful consideration for them to thrive.

Tree guards are currently being utilized to prevent wildlife, such as rabbits, from chewing through the wood, which is not robust enough to withstand it. As an additional measure, chicken wire is currently being added around the new trees to provide extra protection.

Additionally, other wildlife, like bucks (male deer), use trees for rubbing, a behaviour that damages the trees. This involves rubbing their antlers against the trees to remove velvet from their new antlers.

In the picture on the left, you can see how a rabbit chewed on a support post connected to the tree, which is why the tree has a guard.

Explore Online

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