The rejuvenation projects mark the beginning of improvements at the park, with 2023 being the kick-off year. Our initial task was to re-ignite the original tree planting plans, designed by Stephen Bean Associates in 2007. Guided by the expertise of arborists, we had to evaluate how to best achieve the vision for the Arboretum. With additional factors now involved, such as climate change, we had to decide whether the contents of the original plans would still thrive in the East Yorkshire climate.

Initiating the Rejuvenation project

The tree planting initiative commenced in the Gold Bedroom of the arboretum, which reflects an area within Burton Constable Hall. Environmental impact over the last 20 years has put some originally planned trees into question. Consequently, our grounds team engaged in thoughtful consideration to identify the most suitable replacements.

The selected trees for the planting initiative included 12 Sorbus Golden Wonder, 1 Robinia Pseudoacacia, and 1 Catalpa bignoides Autra. To continue the theme of the gold bedroom, the chosen trees bloom with golden hues across the year.

In September, Jack, a park trustee, and Mike, a member of our grounds team, successfully planted the first batch of trees. With the remainder following suit across early October.

The project continues

Our grounds team continued planting trees throughout October, recognising it as the optimal time of the year to provide the trees with the best chance to thrive.

The arboretum rejuvenation project is an ongoing process, with plans to attend to the entire arboretum. The rejuvenation project extends beyond just trees, with plans to implement signage and seating across the area.

Explore Online

The original plans have been transformed into an exciting interactive experience, so you can delve into the plans in greater detail.