This tranquil haven has recently undergone a significant initiative to restock its waters with carp, enhancing the overall fishing experience for both seasoned anglers and eager beginners.

February 2024 brings another huge step in progressing the rejuvenation project at Burton Constable Holiday Park.

Investing in Fishing

The trustees have invested in the enhancement of the lakes by restocking them with 40 young Common and scaley Mirror Carp. The carp were transferred using buckets and slings with haste to ensure a healthy process. We are optimistic that with the proper care and lake management provided by our grounds team and volunteers, these carp will have the best conditions to thrive in the north lake. It is anticipated that these new additions will experience an annual growth of 4lb for several years until they reach maturity, after which the growth process is expected to slow down.

Stages of the Restocking Process

Research and Planning

We have worked alongside local fisheries and experts to determine the appropriate cause of action for this project. With additional support from the Angling Trust and local environmental agencies. Considerations are also made to ensure that resources are assigned to ensure the new stock is well maintained into the future.

Assessment and Selection

With collaboration from local fisheries and experts, we determined the appropriate carp species for the lake. Ensuring that we use reputable sources and that the stock is well-suited to the various environmental factors involved.

Transportation & Release

Specialised equipment and vehicles were used to ensure the safe and healthy transportation of the stock. With key features such as a mobile oxygenation system for the journey.

The process had a primary goal to minimise stress to help the stock thrive. This involved using several tools to release the carp in a controlled manner. And such care will continue as we monitor the stock going forward.

Why Restocking Matters

Whilst the rejuvenation project has made huge advancements in restoring the health of the north lake, it’s important to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Restocking helps replenish these populations, ensuring a diverse and thriving community of fish for future generations of anglers to enjoy.

With a rejuvenated fish population, visitors can look forward to more exciting and rewarding fishing experiences. Additionally, a balanced ecosystem promotes the overall health of the lake, contributing to its long-term sustainability.

Fishing at the park

With this significant investment, we are thrilled about the potential growth of the fishing community at BCHP. We hope that holidaymakers, visitors, and owners from all over Yorkshire can all enjoy this sport throughout the year.

For details and booking information, please visit the fishing page.

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