Apple ‘Brownlees Russet’

The ‘Brownlees Russet’ apple tree, known as Malus domestica ‘Brownlees Russet,’ is a popular apple cultivar appreciated for its unique russeted skin and delicious, sweet and nutty flavour. These apple trees are known for their vigour and hardiness, making them suitable for a range of climates and soil types.

The Appearance

A small to medium-sized deciduous tree with a rounded crown and dark green, oval leaves. It produces medium-sized, russeted apples with a sweet, nutty flavor.


The Produce

This tree produces medium-sized apples with a distinctive rough, brownish skin that is characteristic of russet apples. The trees typically produce fruit in the late summer to early fall, and the apples are excellent for fresh eating or used in various culinary applications, including baking and cider making.


The Flowers

Produces clusters of white flowers in spring, which are followed by the russeted apples in autumn.


The Leaves

The leaves of the Apple ‘Brownlees Russet’ contribute to the distinct character of this cultivar. They are typically medium to dark green, showcasing an elliptical shape with serrated edges.


The Bark

The bark is smooth and gray, becoming more fissured with age.


The Habitat

Prefers well-drained soils and full sun. Commonly found in orchards and gardens.


The Ecology

Provides habitat and food for various wildlife, including pollinators and fruit-eating birds.


The Culture

Valued for its unique, russeted apples, which are enjoyed fresh, in cooking, and in cider making.


Fun Facts

The ‘Brownlees Russet’ apple is known for its distinctive nutty flavor and attractive russeted skin, making it a favorite among apple enthusiasts.

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