About This Plant

Morus nigra, the Black Mulberry, is a deciduous tree known for its sweet and flavourful dark purple to black fruits. Originating from western Asia, it’s cultivated worldwide. This tree typically grows to 30-50 feet (9-15 meters), featuring heart-shaped green leaves and small, inconspicuous springtime flowers.

The Story


The leaves of the Black Mulberry tree (Morus nigra) are characterized by their distinctive shape and vibrant green colour. These deciduous leaves are generally heart-shaped with serrated edges, and they alternate along the branches. The surface of the leaves is smooth and glossy, but as the leaves age, they may develop a slightly textured appearance. Black Mulberry leaves are a rich green throughout the growing season.


The fruits of the Black Mulberry tree are prized for their rich, sweet flavour. These small, elongated berries are typically dark purple to almost black when fully ripe, with a glossy appearance. Each berry is composed of multiple small drupelets clustered together. They are a popular choice for fresh consumption, jams, desserts, and various culinary creations. The fruiting season for Black Mulberries typically occurs in late spring to early summer.
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