About This Plant

Prunus ‘Cambridge Gage’ is a cultivar of plum tree known for its delicious and sweet gage-like plums. This deciduous tree typically reaches a height of around 10-15 feet (3-4.5 meters). In spring, it produces small, fragrant white flowers that attract pollinators.

The Story


The leaves of this deciduous tree are ovate, meaning they are broad and oval-shaped with a pointed tip and measure around 5-8 centimetres in length. The deep green leaves create a dense canopy, providing ample shade during the growing season. The margins of the leaves are finely serrated, adding an elegant touch to the overall appearance.


As the fruit ripens in late summer, it turns a golden-yellow colour and develops a sweet, rich flavour. ‘Cambridge Gage’ plums are excellent for eating fresh, making jams and jellies, or using in various culinary applications.
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