About This Plant

Eucalyptus gunnii, commonly known as the Cider Gum or Silver Dollar Gum, is a species of eucalyptus native to Tasmania, Australia. Eucalyptus gunnii typically grows to heights of 35 to 40 feet (10 to 12 meters) and has a columnar or narrow, upright habit. It can also be used in floral arrangements and has a pleasant eucalyptus aroma. Additionally, it has been planted for timber production in some regions.

The Story


The tree is known for its distinctive juvenile foliage, which is silvery-blue and circular, resembling silver dollars. As the tree matures, its leaves become lance-shaped and grey-green in colour.


The fruit of the cider gum is commonly referred to as a gum nut. These capsules are typically small, about 1 to 2 centimetres in diameter, and have a woody texture. The gum nuts contain numerous tiny seeds within, which are released when the capsules mature and split open.
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