About This Plant

Cedrus deodara ‘Aurea’, commonly known as the Golden Deodar Cedar, is a striking evergreen conifer with unique golden-yellow foliage. This tree is a cultivar of the Deodar Cedar, native to the Himalayan region. In addition to its vibrant colour, it maintains the characteristic graceful, drooping branches of the Deodar Cedar, giving it an elegant and picturesque appearance. The Golden Deodar Cedar typically grows to be a large tree, reaching heights of 40 to 70 feet (12 to 21 meters), with a similar spread. Its distinctive colour and elegant form make it a prized choice for adding a touch of gold to outdoor spaces.

The Story


The Deodar Cedar is primarily admired for its distinctive foliage. The needles are arranged in clusters, resembling tufts at the ends of the branches. This variety of Deodar Cedar combines the stately presence of the species with the added allure of its distinctive golden foliage.


The fruit of Cedrus deodara ‘Aurea,’ commonly known as Golden Deodar Cedar, is a distinctive feature of this evergreen tree. The cones are large, elongated, and typically display a golden or yellowish hue, complementing the tree’s overall aesthetic. These cones contain seeds and develop a woody texture as they mature.
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