About This Plant

Abies fargesii (Farges’ Fir), this species is native to China and is named after the French botanist Paul Guillaume Farges. It is characterised by its tall stature, dark green needles, and upright cylindrical cones. Abies fargesii is often grown for ornamental purposes in gardens and landscapes.

The Story


The evergreen needles are arranged spirally along the branches, creating a dense and lush foliage. The needles are typically dark green and glossy, with a length ranging from 2 to 3 centimetres. Farges’ Fir is known for its graceful and symmetrical form.


The cones of Farges’ Fir are cylindrical and can grow to various sizes, with a length ranging from 5 to 10 centimetres. The cones initially appear green and gradually mature to a brown or purplish-brown colour. Each cone contains winged seeds that are released when the cone matures and opens.
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