French Lilac

The French lilac, or Syringa vulgaris, is a deciduous shrub renowned for its aromatic and colourful clusters of flowers. These fragrant blossoms, which come in various shades, bloom in late spring to early summer.

The Appearance

A small deciduous shrub with a rounded crown and dark green, heart-shaped leaves. It produces large, fragrant clusters of purple, pink, or white flowers.


The Produce

The flowers of Syringa vulgaris 'Alphonse Lavallée' are typically a light pink to lavender shade. The colour may vary slightly depending on soil conditions and climate.


The Flowers

Produces large clusters of fragrant flowers in late spring to early summer.


The Leaves

They provide an attractive backdrop to the profusion of flowers during the blooming season.


The Bark

The bark is smooth and gray, becoming more fissured with age.


The Habitat

Prefers well-drained soils and full sun. Commonly found in gardens and parks.


The Ecology

Provides habitat and food for various pollinators, including bees and butterflies. The flowers are particularly attractive to bees.


The Culture

Valued for its fragrant flowers and ornamental appeal. Often planted in gardens and parks.


Fun Facts

French Lilac is known for its beautiful, fragrant flowers, which are often used in perfumes and floral arrangements.

The Connection To Burton Constable

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