About This Plant

The golden weeping willow, a variety of Salix babylonica, is known for its elegant appearance, featuring gracefully drooping branches covered in vibrant golden-yellow leaves. These trees are prized for their ornamental beauty and are often planted near water bodies or in landscaping to add a touch of elegance. They thrive in moist soil conditions, provide habitat for wildlife, and are valued for their rapid growth, making them useful for erosion control and landscaping projects.

The Story


The Golden Weeping Willow leaves are characterised by their narrow lanceolate shape, measuring approximately 4 to 6 inches in length and 1 inch in width. The distinct golden-yellow colouration adds a vibrant touch to the landscape.


In early spring, before the leaves appear, the tree produces slender, cylindrical catkins. These catkins are typically yellow or greenish-yellow and add to the tree’s ornamental value.
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