About This Plant

Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus) is a deciduous shrub native to Europe, northern Africa, and Asia. It’s known for its clusters of white or creamy flowers in spring and bright red berries in late summer and early autumn. This shrub is valued in gardens for its ornamental qualities and wildlife attraction, with historical uses in medicine and folklore.

The Story


The leaves are palmately lobed, with three (sometimes five) lobes. They are dark green during the growing season, turning shades of red, purple, or yellow in the autumn.


The plant produces showy, white, flat-topped clusters of flowers in late spring to early summer. These blooms are often referred to as lacecap or snowball-like clusters. The flowers have a pleasant, mildly sweet fragrance. The flowers give way to bright red, translucent berries that resemble cranberries. These berries persist into the fall and are sometimes used for culinary purposes or by wildlife. While the berries are not toxic, they are generally considered unpalatable and are not commonly consumed by humans.
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