About This Plant

Betula jacquemontii (Himalayan Birch): This birch species is also native to the Himalayas. This elegant tree is renowned for its gleaming white bark that peels away in horizontal strips, creating a luminous and eye-catching effect. Betula jacquemontii has serrated, triangular green leaves and a more graceful, upright to slightly weeping growth habit.

The Story


The leaves of this tree are simple, alternate, and serrated along the margins. The foliage is generally medium to dark green, creating a beautiful contrast with the tree’s striking white bark. The leaves are typically ovate or triangular in shape, with a pointed apex. During the autumn season, the Himalayan birch leaves can undergo a transformation, displaying hues of yellow or golden.


The tree produces small, inconspicuous catkins as its fruits. These catkins are cylindrical in shape and dangle gracefully from the branches. While not a prominent feature, the catkins release seeds that contribute to the tree’s reproduction.
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