About This Plant

Aesculus indica, commonly known as the Indian horse chestnut or Himalayan horse chestnut, is a deciduous tree native to the Himalayan region of Asia. This tree belongs to the genus Aesculus and is known for its attractive foliage and showy flowers. The tree is valued for its timber, which is used in various woodworking applications. Additionally, it has cultural and medicinal significance in some regions.

The Story


The compound leaves are palmately divided into five to seven leaflets, radiating from a central point. Each leaflet is ovate with serrated edges and a pointed tip. The leaflets have a glossy, dark green colour. During autumn, the leaves may turn shades of yellow or brown.


In spring, Aesculus indica produces tall spikes of fragrant white or pinkish flowers with yellow markings, making it an ornamental tree. These flowers give way to spiky fruits containing seeds.
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