About This Plant

The Likiang spruce, or Picea likiangensis, is an evergreen tree native to the mountainous regions of southwestern China. It is admired for its unique appearance, featuring short, stiff needles that are dark green on top and silvery-white beneath, creating a captivating contrast. These trees typically have a conical or pyramidal shape with horizontally spreading branches, making them suitable for rocky soils and cold climates.

The Story


The Likiang Spruce features needle-like leaves arranged spirally around the branches. The leaves are dark green, slender, and sharply pointed, creating an elegant and symmetrical appearance.


Likiang Spruce produces small, cylindrical cones that mature from green to light brown as they ripen. The cones are typically about 3 to 6 centimetres in length. Each cone contains woody scales that protect the seeds within. When mature, these cones release their seeds to facilitate reproduction.
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