About This Plant

The paperbark maple, scientifically known as Acer griseum, is renowned for its exfoliating bark and vibrant foliage. Native to China, it’s a favoured choice in landscaping and horticulture. This tree stands out with its distinctive cinnamon-coloured bark, peeling away in thin sheets to reveal a lighter layer underneath. This feature is especially captivating during the leafless winter months.

The Story


The leaves are trifoliate, typically consisting of three leaflets. They are medium to dark green in colour during the growing season. In autumn, Paperbark Maple displays stunning autumn foliage in shades of red, orange, and sometimes purple.


Inconspicuous small yellow-green flowers appear in spring, usually before the leaves emerge. The tree produces small, paired samaras (winged seeds) that resemble those of other maples. These seeds are often referred to as “helicopters” due to their spinning motion as they fall.
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