About This Plant

Pear ‘Beurre Hardy’ is a delightful pear variety that offers both visual beauty and delectable fruit. Originating from France, this pear tree is cherished for its sweet and succulent fruits. The tree itself is an ornamental gem in gardens and orchards, featuring a pyramidal shape, glossy dark green leaves, and delicate white blossoms in the spring.

The Story


The leaves of the pear variety ‘Beurre Hardy’ exhibit typical characteristics of pear trees. The foliage is deciduous, meaning the leaves change colour and ultimately fall off during the autumn season. The leaves are generally oval or elliptical in shape with serrated edges, and they have a glossy, dark green colour. As autumn arrives, the leaves turn shades of yellow, orange, and red.


The pears are medium to large in size, with a greenish-yellow skin adorned with russet markings. Their flesh is exceptionally smooth, juicy, and buttery, making them a treat for fresh eating and culinary purposes.
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