About This Plant

The pendulous birch, or Betula pendula, is a cultivar of the silver birch known for its elegant weeping branches. Pendulous birches are prized for their ornamental value in gardens and landscapes, where they add a unique and graceful touch.

The Story


The leaves are alternate, simple, and doubly serrated along the margins. Each leaf is roughly triangular to diamond-shaped with a pointed tip. The foliage is typically a vibrant green, creating a lush canopy during the growing season.
What sets the ‘Dalecarlica’ variety apart is the deeply cut, almost fern-like appearance of its leaves. The lobes are more pronounced, giving the tree a delicate and feathery texture.


The Betula pendula ‘Dalecarlica’ produces small cone-like fruits known as catkins. These catkins are pendulous, meaning they hang downward, and they appear in spring. The fruits are cylindrical and consist of scales that protect the tiny seeds within. As the catkins mature, they release the seeds, aiding in the reproduction of the tree.
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