About This Plant

Fraxinus oxycarpa, commonly known as the Raywood Ash, features distinctive bark and attains a moderate height. The bark of this deciduous tree is smooth and grey when young, gradually developing shallow furrows and becoming more textured as it matures. As the tree ages, the bark takes on a unique pattern, showcasing a blend of fissures and ridges that add visual interest to its trunk. In terms of height, the Raywood Ash typically reaches between 40 to 50 feet (12 to 15 meters), making it a medium-sized tree.

The Story


Fraxinus oxycarpa features pinnately compound leaves with a distinctive and elegant appearance. The individual leaflets are lance-shaped and serrated along the edges, creating a toothed pattern. The leaves are arranged oppositely along the stem, a characteristic feature of ash trees. The leaf colouration is typically medium to dark green


Like many ash trees, it produces small winged seeds that are commonly referred to as “keys” or “samaras.” The fruit of the Raywood Autumn Purple Ash consists of clusters of these winged seeds, each attached to a thin, elongated stem. These seeds are often light brown in colour and can be dispersed by the wind when they mature.
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