About This Plant

Red ash, or Fraxinus pennsylvanica, is a hardy North American tree known for its variable leaf colours, ranging from reddish-purple to green. Young red ash trees have smooth, greenish-grey bark, which matures into a rougher, darker texture as they age. Red ash trees can grow to heights of 50 to 80 feet, making them prominent in various ecosystems like floodplains and forests.

The Story


The pinnately compound leaves are typically composed of five to nine leaflets arranged opposite each other along a central stem. Each leaflet is lance-shaped with serrated edges and a pointed tip. During the growing season, the leaves exhibit a lush green colour and during the autumn season they turn a beautiful shade of red.


The Red Ash produces winged seeds commonly referred to as samaras. These fruits are elongated, flattened structures, each containing a single seed. Initially, the samaras are green, but as they mature, they transition to a reddish hue, lending the tree its “Red Ash” moniker. The seeds are attached to a thin, papery wing that facilitates wind dispersal.