Round Leaved Snow Gum/Spinning Gum

Eucalyptus perriniana, commonly known as spinning gum or spinning top gum, is a unique and visually striking evergreen tree native to south-eastern Australia, particularly in the state of Tasmania. It’s known for its distinct juvenile foliage, which is quite different from its mature leaves.

The Appearance

A small to medium-sized evergreen tree with a rounded crown and smooth, white to gray bark. It has round, blue-green leaves and produces small white flowers.


The Produce

These capsules contain seeds and are a distinctive feature of the tree.


The Flowers

Produces small white flowers in late spring to summer.


The Leaves

As the tree matures, its leaves transition to a more traditional lance-shaped eucalyptus leaf.


The Bark

The bark is smooth and white to gray, peeling in patches to reveal new bark beneath.


The Habitat

Prefers well-drained soils and full sun. Commonly found in gardens and parks.


The Ecology

Provides habitat and food for various wildlife, including birds and insects. The dense foliage offers excellent cover.


The Culture

Valued for its ornamental bark and foliage. Often planted in gardens and parks.


Fun Facts

Round Leaved Snow Gum is known for its attractive, peeling bark and its ability to tolerate cold temperatures.

The Connection To Burton Constable

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