About This Plant

The silver lime (Tilia tomentosa), also known as the silver linden, is characterised by its distinctive bark and impressive height. The bark of the silver lime is smooth and silvery-grey, creating an attractive contrast against the tree’s vibrant green foliage. As the tree matures, the bark may develop furrows and ridges, adding to its visual appeal. The silver lime is known for its impressive stature; it typically reaches a height of 50 to 70 feet (15 to 21 meters) at maturity, forming a broad and well-rounded crown.

The Story


The Silver Lime has distinctive leaves with a silver-green hue that captures the eye. Each heart-shaped leaf is characterized by serrated edges, and a soft, velvety texture, and the silver undertones lend an elegant and luminous quality to the overall appearance.


The silver lime tree produces distinctive round, woody fruits commonly referred to as nutlets or drupelets. These small fruits are typically about 6 to 8 millimetres in diameter. The nutlets are attached to a central stem and are often grouped in clusters. They have a slightly ribbed or textured surface and can be light brown to tan in colour. The silver lime tree’s fruiting season usually occurs in late spring to early summer.
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