Tree of Heaven

The Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is has its light grey to pale brown bark that becomes somewhat furrowed and ridged as the tree matures. The bark can develop a somewhat scaly texture with age.

The Appearance

A large deciduous tree with a broad, open crown and long, pinnate leaves. It can grow rapidly and reach heights of up to 80 feet.


The Produce

These flowers are arranged in large clusters, known as panicles, and they have a somewhat unpleasant odour.


The Flowers

Produces large clusters of small, greenish-yellow flowers in late spring to early summer.


The Leaves

Each leaf consists of 11 to 25 smaller leaflets arranged alternately on a central stalk.


The Bark

The bark is smooth and gray, becoming rougher and fissured with age.


The Habitat

Thrives in a wide range of soils and conditions, including urban environments. Commonly found in disturbed areas and along roadsides.


The Ecology

Provides habitat for various insects and birds, although it is considered invasive in many regions due to its aggressive growth and allelopathic properties.


The Culture

Historically used for its wood and medicinal properties, but now often controlled due to its invasive nature.


Fun Facts

The Tree of Heaven is known for its rapid growth and ability to thrive in poor conditions. It is also infamous for its unpleasant odor, which resembles burnt peanut butter.

The Connection To Burton Constable

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