About This Plant

Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’, or Weeping Silver Pear, is a striking ornamental tree known for its graceful weeping branches and attractive silver-grey foliage. Originating from south-eastern Europe and western Asia, this pear tree is mainly valued for its aesthetics rather than fruit production. With its pendulous branches cascading elegantly toward the ground, ‘Pendula’ presents a romantic and picturesque appearance.

The Story


The elongated, narrow leaves are reminiscent of willow leaves, providing the tree with an elegant and cascading appearance. Its narrow, lance-shaped leaves add to the charm with their silver-grey hue.


In spring, the tree produces small clusters of creamy-white flowers that dangle delicately from the weeping branches. Although it may bear small, non-edible fruit occasionally, it’s primarily grown for its ornamental appeal.
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