About This Plant

Wild cherry, scientifically known as Prunus avium, is a deciduous tree native to Europe, Western Asia, and parts of North Africa. The wood from wild cherry is highly prized for its rich colour and fine grain, making it a preferred choice for furniture, cabinetry, and musical instruments.

The Story


The leaves are elliptical, serrated, and shiny green, turning yellow to red in the autumnal months. The tree is not particularly renowned for its foliage; instead, it garners greater recognition for its bountiful and delicious fruit.


The fruit of Prunus avium is the sweet cherry, which is round to heart-shaped, and typically has a red to dark purple colour when ripe. The cherries are known for their sweet and succulent taste, making them a popular choice for fresh consumption, desserts, and various culinary purposes. Depending on the variety and climate, sweet cherries are generally harvested in late spring to early summer.
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