About This Plant

Pterocarya is a genus of deciduous trees in the walnut family and is commonly referred to as wingnut or winged nut trees. These trees are known for their distinctive winged fruit, which resembles a large flattened walnut. Pterocarya trees are primarily native to Asia and are valued for their timber, which is used in various woodworking applications.

The Story


The compound leaves are composed of multiple leaflets arranged along a central axis, resembling the structure of a feather. Each leaflet is serrated along the edges, creating a finely toothed outline. The Wing Nut tree is further distinguished by the presence of wing-like structures, or “wings,” along the rachis, giving the tree its common name.


The winged fruit of the Wingnut tree is a distinctive and unique structure. The fruit consists of a capsule with wing-like extensions, often arranged in pairs along a central stalk. These winged structures give the fruit its characteristic appearance, resembling helicopter blades. As the fruit matures, it dries and eventually splits open, releasing the seeds.
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