The team from Northern Powergrid has been in touch that they need to do some essential maintenance around power pylons (cutting back trees encroaching on the lines). To accomplish this they need to turn off the power to our area for several hours. This is quite urgent work; they originally planned to do this on 3 April (the middle of the Easter holidays!) but have agreed to work with us to find a day when the Park is less full, whilst achieving the work with a degree of urgency.

They have confirmed today that there will be a power outage across the Park on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024 scheduled from 9am to 4pm. Whilst we would prefer not to disturb your holidays, we have to work together – this maintenance will help prevent non-planned power outages in future. We apologise for the inconvenience; we have given our customers as much warning as possible, and will be managing the powered-down time as best we can as a team on the ground.

Please note that without power, contacting the Reception will impossible except in-person; calls will be redirected. The hope is that the work will be completed in a few hours and the power will be switched back on before 4pm.

Thank you for your understanding. The Park will still be open; it might be a good day to explore the surrounding area or go for a nice walk!