Cosy Caravan & Lodge Holidays

Why not treat yourself to an East Yorkshire winter getaway in one of our beautiful lodges or stunning caravans? At BCHP, you can experience a winter escape amidst breathtaking scenery while enjoying the cosy warmth of our accommodations. It’s the perfect way to create cherished memories with your family during the colder months. Additionally, our super deluxe glamping pods are available for hire during the winter season if you’re looking for something different.

Winter Scenery

Uncover the beauty of Burton Constable’s grounds in winter, where incredible scenery awaits. Our stunning arboretum is open throughout all seasons for public and visitor exploration, offering hours of nature connection and wildlife encounters. You can also venture to our serene lakes and gardens, with endless possibilities to explore.

Burton Constable Holiday Park caters to all seasons, welcoming both owners and fleet hire for 50 weeks each year. While the touring field is closed for holidays during the winter season, you can still enjoy a getaway by staying in one of our lovely caravans, lodges, or super deluxe glamping pods.

Get a Taste of Ownership

If you love the great outdoors but haven’t thought about owning a holiday home, our Caravan & Lodge Holidays provide a sneak peek into the wonderful Holiday Home experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our park, experiencing the comfort and relaxation that comes with our holiday accommodations.

The best part? If you choose to buy a Holiday Home at Burton Constable Holiday Park, we’ll cover the cost of your holiday as a special gift.