Jack, in his role as a park trustee, conducted an interview with our newest arrivals to gain insights into their experiences as first-time holiday home owners.

JCS: “Tell me about yourselves – how did you end up at the Park?”

G: “We are both from West Yorkshire and still live there. I run a garage and we have two kids aged two and four. We had a tourer and we had stayed on the Park the previous year and loved it. We were thinking of buying a new tourer earlier in the year. Then we saw it was a similar price to investing in a holiday home, and with the age of the kids we thought we would look at that.”

L: “Then we looked at the holiday lodges and saw the difference in value for the price… one thing led to another and here we are!”

JCS: “And what have you enjoyed about the Park since becoming owners?”

L: “It is a nice place, well-presented and quiet – both the touring Park and the holiday home area.”

G: “With our touring caravan we’ve done bigger commercial parks, and with the age of our kids it was a bit of a nightmare. There are arcades and everything, but it’s pretty chaotic with lots of screaming, and anyway the kids had more fun making their own fun – and the people here are nicer. Here there is nature to be in, stones to throw, ducks to chase – and that’s what we want.”

L: “That’s all the kids need – to get out and about and ride their bikes.”

JCS: “Have you seen the Park in the different seasons?”

G: “Not really, we have mainly been on in the summer; but we’ll definitely be back through the winter.”

JCS: “Do you mainly come for weekends or longer breaks?”

G: “Mainly at the weekends – we have work commitments.”

JCS: “What developments on the Park are you excited about?”

G: “We can’t wait for the KCOM superfast internet, and to do a bit of fishing.”

JCS: “Stay tuned for news on the fishing – we are hoping to get some more stock in soon.”