An Easter Lodge Holiday For all Of The Family

It was an immense pleasure to meet with Emily and her family during their Easter holiday here at Burton Constable Holiday Park. Emily has a personal blog on Instagram, documenting her family adventures.

We met with the family to hear a first-hand account of their experience here at the holiday park. Here’s what they had to say about their stay.

What do you think of the park so far?

“It’s so lovely – quiet, peaceful and relaxed.”

“The wildlife is wonderful – ducks and geese, and the little one was so excited about the rabbits; it was like the Easter bunny had come again!”

“It is very near Hull so we can take the kids to the Deep which we go to about once a year – but we should go more really, as you get a year’s pass when you go. It’s also an easy walk into town from The Deep, and there are three museums right next door.”

“We have been to the bar which is lovely. We went to the children’s area and they put kids’ TV on for them which was nice. There’s also a pet-friendly area of the bar so we could have brought our dog – next time!”

How is it for the Children?

“It’s a great place for children – yesterday we went to the seaside with them, and after a bit, they wanted to come back to the lodge; they were asking to return to what they called their ‘holiday home’!”

“There is enough to do here. We don’t have to drive out for activities – there is the children’s play area, the football field, and nice walks in nature. This afternoon we are going across to the Hall.”

“When we first arrived there was a sense of ‘no internet? What are we going to do?!’ but after a few hours we realised we didn’t need the internet – the kids love being out here in nature.”

How is it for the Parents?

“It’s so nice to have a break from home and not be thinking about what needs to be done around the house!”

“You do things you wouldn’t do at home – like this morning we all had breakfast outside in the garden, which we wouldn’t have thought of at home even if the sun was out.”

The Lodge Experience

“It’s great if you have fussy eaters – being self-catered is much easier than a hotel. You have more freedom when you can bring your own food – you’re not worried that there won’t be the right choices.”

“Having our own lodge is fantastic – it’s our own space and we’re not worried about the kids shouting and disturbing the guest in the room next door!”

“The lodge Is beautiful. It was like no one had stayed in it. It was spotless and the furniture looked brand-new. The whole thing was just such a high standard.”

“The water pressure in the lodge shower was excellent which was a very nice surprise! And the heating was great – the lodge heated up in about ten minutes.”


Emily’s personal blog can be found on Instagram. Showcasing her family and her first-hand experience with motherhood.