Box Hedging

Buxus sempervirens, commonly known as common boxwood, is a versatile evergreen shrub that’s popular in landscaping and gardening. With its dense, compact growth habit, glossy dark green leaves, and ability to be pruned into various shapes, it’s a favourite choice for hedges, topiaries, and formal garden designs.

The Appearance

A small to medium-sized evergreen shrub with dense, glossy green leaves and a compact growth habit. It produces small, inconspicuous flowers.


The Produce

While not particularly showy, the flowers are attractive to bees.


The Flowers

Produces small, inconspicuous flowers in spring.


The Leaves

They are oval to oblong in shape, typically measuring 1 to 2.5 centimetres in length and dark green.


The Bark

The bark is light brown and becomes more fissured with age.


The Habitat

Prefers well-drained soils and full sun to partial shade. Commonly found in gardens and parks.


The Ecology

Provides habitat and food for various wildlife, including birds and insects. The dense foliage offers excellent cover.


The Culture

Valued for its use in formal hedging and topiary. Often planted in gardens and parks.


Fun Facts

Box Hedging is known for its versatility in garden design and its ability to be shaped into intricate topiary forms.

The Connection To Burton Constable

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