About This Plant

Cedrus libani, the majestic cedar of Lebanon, is a towering evergreen native to Mediterranean mountain regions, including Lebanon, Syria, and Türkiye. This iconic pine family member graces landscapes with its impressive height, ranging from 40 to over 130 feet (12 to 40 meters). Symbolizing strength, resilience, and longevity, this cedar holds deep historical and cultural significance. Its exceptional timber quality made it a prized resource for constructions like temples, palaces, ships, and even the renowned 3,000-year-old Cedar Wood Boat found in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Story


The tree produces distinctive needle-like leaves arranged in clusters, with each cluster forming a tuft at the end of a short spur. The needles are typically dark green.


The tree’s cones, also known as strobiles, are barrel-shaped and can measure up to 10 centimetres in length. They start as green structures and gradually mature to a brown colour, releasing seeds as they open.
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