Chinese Cedar

Cedrela sinensis, or Chinese cedar, is a deciduous tree native to China and Taiwan, known for its prized timber and ornamental qualities. It typically reaches heights of 50 to 75 feet (15 to 23 meters) with a straight trunk and a broad, rounded crown.

The Appearance

A medium-sized evergreen tree with a conical shape and soft, feathery foliage. It produces small cones and has reddish-brown bark.


The Produce

The tree may bear small, inconspicuous flowers that develop into clusters of winged seeds. The young leaves, known for their tender texture and mild flavour, are commonly used in Chinese cuisine.


The Flowers

Produces small, inconspicuous flowers in spring, followed by small cones.


The Leaves

Each leaflet is lance-shaped and finely serrated along the margins.


The Bark

The bark is reddish-brown and becomes more fissured with age.


The Habitat

Prefers well-drained soils and full sun to partial shade. Commonly found in gardens and parks.


The Ecology

Provides habitat and food for various wildlife, including birds and insects.


The Culture

Valued for its timber and ornamental appeal. Often planted in parks and large gardens.


Fun Facts

The Chinese Cedar is known for its attractive, feathery foliage and is often used in ornamental landscaping.

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