About This Plant

The Pinus holfordiana ‘Frisia’ is a striking variety of evergreen conifer known for its vibrant golden-yellow foliage. This tree is a cultivar of the Holford Pine, native to China. Its most distinctive feature is its needle-like leaves that emerge bright yellow in spring and gradually transition to a golden-yellow hue as they mature. The ‘Frisia’ cultivar maintains its brilliant colour throughout the year, providing a stunning focal point in gardens and landscapes. This tree typically reaches heights of 30 to 60 feet (9 to 18 meters) and has a conical to pyramidal shape.

The Story


The Pinus holfordiana ‘Frisia’ features vibrant golden-yellow needles that create a striking visual appeal. The long, slender needles are arranged in clusters, giving the tree a lush and textured appearance.


The cones of Pinus holfordiana ‘Frisia’ are small and ovoid, featuring a distinctive green to yellowish-green coloration.

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