About This Plant

Nyssa sinensis, commonly known as the Chinese tupelo or Chinese sour gum, is a deciduous tree native to China. This tree belongs to the dogwood family (Cornaceae) and is known for its attractive foliage, autumn coloration, and small flowers. Chinese tupelo trees typically reach heights of 20 to 40 feet (6 to 12 meters) with a rounded crown.

The Story


The leaves of Nyssa sinensis are typically alternate, simple, and elliptic to obovate in shape. They have finely serrated margins and a glossy, dark green colour during the growing season. In autumn, the leaves of Nyssa sinensis turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and purple.


In spring, this tree produces inconspicuous greenish-yellow flowers that are often followed by small, blue-black drupes. The drupes, typically ovoid or elliptical in shape, and about 1 to 1.5 centimetres in size. They start green, gradually transitioning to a bluish-black or dark purple colour as they ripen. The fruits are borne in clusters and contain a single seed.