Family Update

As a family, we have a great attachment to Lourdes in France. Each year we go there with an organisation that specialises in taking disabled friends on pilgrimage. We always love this special time together – when you “live above the shop” it’s good to spend time with each other outside of work. The whole idea of BCHP in fact came from Mr C’s vision that families would go on holiday together – those who play together stay together.

In Lourdes we spend the week looking after people with a range of care needs, enabling them to go on a holiday they would not usually have been on. After a day spent caring for people, pushing wheelchairs, and high-energy activities, we let off steam in a favourite bar. Even after a very busy week, we feel more refreshed, inspired and happy than ever. It has made us realise over the years how our shared experiences, and the memories we have made, have kept us all together.

This annual trip to Lourdes is something we have done as a family for decades. “Mr C” and Rodrica went for the first time together in the 1980s, and the next generation have followed in their footsteps. It has been an annual fixture for Jack, Izzy, Bea, and Crispin (and Rodrica!) since they were teenagers. Shared values and interests have kept us all very close, and are at the core of our family business – and they shape the family’s vision for the future.

Meet the Team

Featuring members of the BCHP Team

Shop Managers Jess & Charleigh

As the new managers of the shop and the Parkland Kitchen, we would like to thank everyone for supporting us and making us feel welcome in our new roles and we can’t wait to tell you what our future plans are.

Going forward, we would like to be able to offer a bigger variety of food and drink, this includes us doing a themed night once a month with a different cuisine every time, to mix things up a bit.

Our curry night was extremely successful and we would like to thank you all for coming down and supporting us. We would like to do more events in the future and we plan on doing a charity breast cancer event, which we will provide more details for nearer the time. We would also like to develop the shop into more of a tea room where we would be selling crumpets, scones, cake and biscuits.

“We have loved taking on our new roles, especially at the Parkland Kitchen, as we get to see so many friendly faces – new and old”

Charleigh, Shop Manager

A few notes from the shop team

Please take a look at our social media to keep up with our offers and events.

We are always open to taking recommendations from owners – we will make adjustments to stock wherever we can to suit the needs of the owners and make their time on the Park all the more enjoyable. We have altered our offerings following owner feedback to provide the most popular goods and will continue to do so.

Jack Interviews new owners – Norman & Carol

Please join us in welcoming Norman & Carol

Jack: “Tell me about yourselves!”

N: “We are based in a small Lincolnshire village. I was in the RAF for 27 years in the medical branch and then was in general practice for 20 years.”

C: “I was a Retail Manager at Next, and travelled around a lot with Norman. We were stationed in Cyprus in the late 1970s and early 1980s; we bought a holiday home there which we had for many years. Alas, Brexit changed everything so we sold our holiday home and moved back to the UK.

Jack: How did you first end up at Burton Constable Holiday Park?”

N: “We were looking to buy a holiday home in this part of the world. We had looked south of the Humber and did not find anything that appealed. We looked about for lodges to rent where we could spread our wings and look around East Yorkshire; we came to stay in one of your pet-friendly lodges.”

C: “We looked at a few places in the area and did not find anything that appealed – then on reflection we thought that this place is pretty ideal and decided to speak to Bryne and see if anything was available here.”

Jack: “And how was your Hire Fleet experience?”

C: “I enjoyed the quietness of the park, and the reception staff were so friendly – they are your main asset! They couldn’t have been warmer or more helpful – they even lent us a phone charger for the week of our holiday when we forgot to pack one.

Jack: “Is there a friendly atmosphere here?”

N: “Yes there is a nice holiday community here. We enjoyed the owners’ event put on by the Park on Thursday which was a good chance to meet some of the other owners. We’ve also been up to the Bar with other people and introduced ourselves – people are friendly and like to know you which is nice.”

C: “Not only the owners – the renters are also social and want to chat with us.”

N: “As well as the staff being very helpful – our neighbours have been extremely kind, lending us garden tools and helping out with sorting out a wasps’ nest that was forming – little things like that make a difference when new to the Park.

JCS: “How has your experience been so far?

N: “I have enjoyed the friendliness of the Park and the other customers/owners– as well as the team here. We are not far away, just an hour and a half but it still feels like we are on holiday. We are 15 minutes from the coast and there is lots of future exploring to do. I like popping across to the Stables Kitchen to have a nice sandwich and a scone.”

C: “We like the space inside the lodge and between the lodges. You’re not cheek-by-jowl, like some other parks. Most of all the dog-friendliness of the Park appeals to the third member of the family, Honey our cockerpoo.”

KCOM Event

Meet the team & register your interested

If there is enough demand, the KCOM team will look at delivering full fibre to the Burton Constable Holiday Park. This will mean upgrading your copper wire network to your individual units, so you and your whole family can enjoy super-fast internet that can live up to today’s bandwidth needs: enjoy surfing and streaming on multiple devices with a more reliable connection.

A message from KCOM:

Come and see our friendly team on Saturday 19 August from 11am to 5pm, by the Reception area, to chat about our reliably fast full-fibre broadband, we’d love you to come say hello and answer any questions you might have.

Q&A with Bryne

General Manager Bryne answering your questions

Can we host an owners’ event on a weekend?

“Saturday is absolutely our first choice for hosting events. We have to consider the capacity of the venue and the ability to serve everyone staying at the Park. Saturday is our busiest day for holidays and at the Lakeside Bar.”

“We always strive to achieve the best quality of service that we can. When combining the weekend holidays with an event in peak season, we would not be able to provide the quality of service to our owners that we would be satisfied with.”

“As we come out of peak season, we can and will be hosting owners’ events on the weekends, starting with our next event this September.”

A quick note from Bryne

“Please keep control of the weeds around the perimeter of your pitch, including your drive, by pulling out weeds and wildflowers, and spraying the necessary areas. We all appreciate your efforts in helping maintain the appearance of our lovely park.”

My Door is open

“If you have any questions at all, please do pop in and see me at reception. The reception team will also pass on any enquiries made over the phone (01964 562508) or via email (”

Owners Event – September

Upcoming exclusive events for you

Reflecting on the August event we organised, it was great to catch up with so many of you and enjoy an evening celebrating holiday home ownership here at Burton Constable Holiday Park.

A word of appreciation for Charleigh and Jess for keeping us fed from the Parkland Kitchen late into the evening, and for Julie and Connor manning the bar to ensure no one went thirsty.

We are looking to host our next event towards the end of September.

When? | September 2023

Where? | The Lakeside Bar

Upcoming Digital Projects

Advancements from the tech Team

Our digital team is hard at work with various new projects. We are always eager to create and utilise engaging tools to make the Holiday Park experience more convenient, engaging, and fun.

“We are particularly excited to show you the interactive tool we have been working on to allow Park visitors and customers to explore the Arboretum digitally – watch this space!”


Password: BCHP23

Referral bonuses

A quick reminder

We have created a Bonus Scheme for our owners who introduce friends and family to our beautiful Park, and who then go on to buy a Holiday Home with us.

If you refer a friend to us and they decide to join you in buying a holiday home on the Park, we will be delighted to offer you a contribution towards your pitch fees, as follows:  

  • First Referral – £250 off next year’s pitch fees.
  • Second Referral – £500 off next year’s pitch fees.
  • Third Referral – £750 off next year’s pitch fees.

So – bring three friends to join you at Burton Constable Holiday Park and receive up to £1,500 off next year’s pitch fees!