Move over March, May is the maddest month. Life on the Park is busy with two bank holidays on the holiday side, and the summer has (finally) shown up, with the sun bringing more and more sales enquiries. Plus Jack and Rodrica go on their annual trip to Lourdes and spend much of the rest of the month chasing their tails and trying to empty their “in” tray that builds up!

That said, it has been an exciting time for the Park since our last owners’ update. We have finally got a new sign for the entrance with updated branding – the old one had been there since Jack first worked on the Park as a teenager in the mid-noughties. We have organised the customer-only dog run, set up the owner loyalty scheme for the Lakeside Bar, and taken delivery of several new holiday homes – more on these three developments in the rest of the newsletter.

We are looking forward to welcoming new owners to the Park in the coming months and will be sure to include new owners’ interviews in the updates so you have an idea of some of the new faces you might see popping up more often at the Lakeside Bar. We will also be continuing to have owners’ events, hosting live acts in the Bar, and we are trialling an ice cream van on weekends in addition to the Parkland Kitchen.

We have been working with KCOM to make sure they finish the civils works including “snagging” so that they leave the Park as pristine as they found it – but with superfast internet. We will host a Q&A with Jack and Lee in due course, and thereafter with KCOM themselves. The idea is for them to have finished everything by the end of June. Watch this space.

Finally, we have several new members of the team. You may have met Matt & Sakina the touring wardens who are popular figures on the touring field and have recently been turning their talents to managing the Parkland Kitchen. We also have a new sales team in the form of Johnny who has been working the past few weekends, and Andy who is starting in June. We will be sure to interview them and send around as an introduction.

See you on Saturday evening at the owners’ event!

New Dog Run

We have managed to organise a new customer-only dog run. You are still welcome to use the old dog run outside the entrance to the Park, but this will be a gated dog run for BCHP customers only. This work should (our contractors assure us) be started in the first week of June… and hopefully finished in the same week!

The dog run is at the northernmost end of the park (see the diagram). We will try to ensure that this is used exclusively by customers and not by e.g. professional dog walkers or locals by having a combination lock on the metal gate we are installing. This will be periodically changed to avoid the code getting out.

As owners, you will be the main repeat users of the dog run, so please be part of a vigilant community ensuring everyone can enjoy it – both setting a good example and reporting people breaking the rules e.g. not using the dog foul bin(s) provided there.

Spring Opening Hours

The Lakeside Bar:

Monday to Thursday – 5pm until Late

Friday to Sunday – 2pm until Late

The Parkland Kitchen:

Friday & Saturday – 5pm until 8pm

We are thrilled to introduce our new Loyalty System at Burton Constable Holiday Park! Now, every time you spend £1 at the Lakeside Bar, you’ll earn 10p back in loyalty points, giving you 10% back on all your drinks and snacks. To get started, visit the bar, provide your name or pitch number, and receive your loyalty card. Simply hand your card to the team when placing your order, and your points will be added instantly. To redeem points, let the team know during your order, and they’ll inform you of your balance.

Each pitch will receive one loyalty card, and for now, the system is exclusive to the Lakeside Bar as we work on expanding it to other amenities. This system also sets the stage for exclusive promotions and hassle-free event perks, with free drinks loaded onto your card. We hope you enjoy the added value and look forward to your feedback!

Upcoming exclusive events for you

Our upcoming owners’ event is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, May 25th, featuring a performance by Mikey G along with nibbles and drinks available at The Lakeside Bar.

Sadly Rodrica is away, but Jack will be there throughout the evening and looks forward to seeing you.

No need to collect tickets – your free glass of wine/beer/soft drink will be available through your loyalty card!

New Caravans!

You may have noticed some state-of-the-art holiday homes being moved onto the park recently. We have partnered with Beverley Leisure Homes and UK Sundecks, and acquired four brand-new “Norwoods” to test the market for luxury hire fleet option (complete with hampers, sparkling wine etc.).

If you want to have a look around them to see what this year’s holiday homes look like, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to show you around one that is not booked up. These are not for sale, but we can easily get more in if you can’t do without one!

What does your job entail?

I really enjoy my role because it covers so many areas of the Park from overseeing the Reception, managing the maintenance across the Park, to running the holiday rentals.

What do you love about your role?

The variety. Everyday is different and of course driving down the stunning driveway every morning makes me feel very lucky to work here.

What’s your previous working background?

I previously worked at the University of Hull within the Halls of Residence.  It was a very different industry, but customer satisfaction was still the main feature. It was an enjoyable time working for the university and the skills gained from that experience have been transferrable and have helped me to proceed in my role at BCHP.

What’s been in development on park recently?

Obviously all the investment into the expansion of the rentals. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the visual aspects from the owners regarding the decking of these units. The arrival of the new Beverley Park Homes the Norwood’s. This is very exciting to introduce brand new top of the range rentals to add to our portfolio.

Can you tell us about a project you’ve loved working on and what you are excited about next? 

I really enjoyed working on The Bothy (the new holiday cottage in the Walled Garden). It was such an enjoyable, exciting, and different experience compared to preparing rentals, which also led to the introduction of Airbnb. I’m looking forward to seeing where the holiday market takes us next which will hopefully see the Park introduce hot tubs or maybe increase the holiday cottages.

Have you been to owners’ events?

Yes I have been to several where you will see me either collecting glasses, dancing on the dance floor, or serving food to our owners in the catering truck, along with my co-worker Linda. The owners’ events have been a really enjoyable evening, and it has been nice to be with the owners on more of a social side

What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

All of it but in particular when guests check out saying ‘Thank you for a lovely stay. Our accommodation was amazing and clean, and we can’t wait to come again.’ To be a small part of this experience makes our job worthwhile!

Live Acts

  • Mikey G – Sat May 25, 2024 8:00 pm
  • Geoff Aday – Sun May 26, 2024 3:00pm
  • Leah Daysley – Sat June 1, 2024 8:00pm
  • Leanne Smith – Sun June 2, 2024 3:00pm
  • Deano – Sat June 15, 2024 8:00pm
  • Becky Brown – Sat June 29, 2024 8:00pm

Open Weekend

Join us for an exciting weekend introducing potential new owners to holiday home ownership at Burton Constable Holiday Park during our May Bank Holiday Open Weekend 2024!

From Saturday, May 25th at 8am to Sunday, May 26th at 5pm

Don’t forget about our referral benefit scheme – refer someone interested in holiday home ownership and earn rewards! (Details Below)

Enjoy treats from the ice cream van stationed at the new showground, located to the right of reception where the old car park was.

Referral bonuses

A quick reminder

We have created a Bonus Scheme for our owners who introduce friends and family to our beautiful Park, and who then go on to buy a Holiday Home with us.

If you refer a friend to us and they decide to join you in buying a holiday home on the Park, we will be delighted to offer you a contribution towards your pitch fees, as follows:  

  • First Referral – £250 off next year’s pitch fees.
  • Second Referral – £500 off next year’s pitch fees.
  • Third Referral – £750 off next year’s pitch fees.

So – bring three friends to join you at Burton Constable Holiday Park and receive up to £1,500 off next year’s pitch fees!