Behind-The-Scenes with KCOM

Learn how a superfast full-fibre network is made with KCOM. An internet service provider in Hull, working to keep everyone connected with unflappably fast and reliable internet access to East Yorkshire.

Join us as we talk technicals with the KCOM civils team who are in the process of building the network for the Burton Constable Holiday Park in Sproatley, East Yorkshire.

Expanding the infrastructure

Groundwork, connectivity and full-fibre

Following on from the planning phase, that’s when the messy work starts! The civils team takes over for phase two, physically building the network to connect over 400 pitches. Tunnels are dug between the pitches, laying down over 8,000 meters of ducting. These will create pathways for the fibre-optic cable to be fed between units and connect the holiday park to superfast full-fibre broadband.

Two weeks into phase two, the KCOM civils team has laid down an estimated 600 to 700 metres of ducting. Plans are in place to ensure the grounds are restored, laying down top soil and grass seed. You won’t even know they’ve been here!